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General Contractor and Owner Builder Trainer

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A builder with over twenty-five years of experience in construction.
Building is a process of patience and thought. The more patience and thought you give, the greater the quality and the greater the value for many generations to come.
— Keith Kelsch, General Contractor
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I am available to build in the southwest area of Utah

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My Approach

- I refuse to bait and switch clients with a low bid to get the job.
- I factor every foreseeable cost at the start, and this includes contingencies in key areas.
- I always build in this order, quality, time and cost. All three must be included, and in that order.
- Read the Truth About Budgeting, click button below.

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IG Winery project, a tenant improvement project. See video to right for complete start to finish. Project located in Cedar City, Utah.


Diamond Valley project, built for the Wilson Family. 2750 sq ft, 5 bedroom 2 1/2 bath.

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