My Philosophy

You can't make everyone happy, but you can build a project to the best of your ability. If the project is poorly designed, I will let you know. If the budget is not realistic, I will let you know.

However, if you want me to take a cut on my services, I will not do that. It only creates an adversarial relationship. I did that once, I took an 8% cut on my regular fees to help a couple and that harmed me greatly.

With that said, my philosophy is to add more than I take. I have always lived this rule. If on the other hand you are looking for a builder willing to sell a lower price, I will not engage in any bait and switch. In other words, I will never bid to get the job. I will bid to build the job.

Our Portfolios


July 28, 2018

Why Aluminum Shingles?

People just keep putting asphalt shingles on their roof. I have a friend who works for an asphalt manufacturer and he told me a couple years […]

If you wish to talk about your project, please contact me. I can look at a job and give you what I see as possible unforeseen issues.