Scheduling is important because concrete can hold up framing. Plumbers can hold up roofers. Roofers can hold up drywall. Drywall can hold up paint. Paint can hold up everything. Flooring can hold up trim and cabinets. Cabinets can hold up counters. Knowing the bottlenecks is key to better scheduling.

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There is always something not factored in a budget, which is why I work with realistic budgets. I tell my clients where they should add for contingency and where they should pad the budget. I am typically a cost plus builder, which makes this reality check an easier thing to educate.

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Sub Contractors

The wrong sub contractor can delay your build and increase your costs if they have no loyalty with you. I measure loyalty by getting on a job when they say and often within three days. If I am delayed, scheduling suffers and I find another contractor on the next build. I am always building loyalty.

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My Philosophy

You can't make everyone happy, but you can build a project to the best of your ability. If the project is poorly designed, I will let you know. If the budget is not realistic, I will let you know.

However, if you want me to take a cut on my services, I will not do that. It only creates an adversarial relationship. I did that once, I took an 8% cut on my regular fees to help a couple and that harmed me greatly.

With that said, my philosophy is to add more than I take. I have always lived this rule. If on the other hand you are looking for a builder willing to sell a lower price, I will not engage in any bait and switch. In other words, I will never bid to get the job. I will bid to build the job.

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Next Steps...

If you wish to talk about your project, please contact me. I can look at a job and give you what I see as possible unforeseen issues.