My Philosophy

Many builders bid a job to get the job. I don't. I bid a job to build it. This means I am realistic with budgets at the start rather than use a bait-and-switch approach that sells a lower budget at the start just to get the job only to surprise the client latter with increased costs. I like to factor every cost at the start, and this includes a contingency for change orders and for unforeseen issues that arise.

I am a cost plus contractor. This means my clients see every invoice and every receipt. This puts my clients in control while I simply maintain the budget, the quality, and everything else.

Please listen to video testimonials on this site. You will get a good picture of my approach.

Our Portfolios


July 28, 2018

Why Aluminum Shingles?

People just keep putting asphalt shingles on their roof. I have a friend who works for an asphalt manufacturer and he told me a couple years […]

If you wish to talk about your project, please contact me. I can look at a job and give you what I see as possible unforeseen issues.