I am a general contractor with over 25 years in over six trades. I work with a cost plus contract, which means you see every invoice and every line item cost. I always push for a realistic budget at the start, which means I add a contingency line item to every budget. The areas where costs can increase with little foreknowledge are excavation, concrete, framing and landscaping. With experience in these trades I can design a budget that makes sense. I also have experience in roofing, electrical, and general carpentry. I am not a general with supervisory experience only. I have real trades under my belt. Hiring me gets the full background in construction knowledge.


I am also an avid researcher of new construction technologies. From roofing to advanced green building, on every job I find the best technology for energy savings and for long term maintenance free ownership. Contact me to find out about new technologies in residential and commercial construction.

If you wish to talk about your project, please contact me. I can look at a job and give you what I see as possible unforeseen issues.