Here are some facts about construction and my response, typical questions people have and how I answer them

Do you offer discounts?

I typically charge between 10-13% on all costs to build. Therefore, if I get a discount from a sub contractor or on any materials, I pass it on, unless I am contracted to do the work myself.

Do you do any financing?

No! I require that you have a loan with a bank or proof of funds, which I draw down in advance a certain amount at regular intervals. I do not build and then hope to be paid. I work with funding in advance or a work with a bank.

How do you manage draws?

A draw is a certain amount requested to use in the course of construction (if no bank) or a certain amount invoiced for work done. All draw sheets will eventually have a complete copy of all invoices.

How good is your communication?

I use drop box to share pictures, contracts, invoices and more. Any time something is getting done, I send pictures to keep you updated. I am big on communication.

Can you design a home?

No!. But I prefer to be a part of the design process.